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At LPC, our bridge construction division leverages extensive experience and expertise to deliver exceptional results. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to constructing structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing bridges that meet the highest standards of safety and durability.

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Why We Stand Up and Stand Out

With decades of experience, LPC is a trusted name in bridge construction. Our comprehensive safety practices, engineering expertise, and advanced crane fleet ensure efficient and precise project execution. Trust us for all your bridge construction needs.

  • Decades of Experience arrow

    With decades of experience in bridge construction, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. Our extensive track record demonstrates our ability to deliver safe, reliable, and structurally sound bridges that stand the test of time.

  • Comprehensive Safety arrow

    Safety is our tip-top priority. We have a comprehensive safety program in place that encompasses rigorous training, adherence to industry regulations, and the implementation of best practices to ensure the well-being of our team members, clients, and the communities we serve.

  • Engineering Expertise arrow

    At LPC, our engineering expertise sets us apart. With a team of skilled professionals, we possess the knowledge and experience to tackle complex engineering challenges to complete the successful execution of our projects.

  • Crane Fleet & Technology arrow

    Our crane fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and operated by skilled professionals. With our advanced crane capabilities, we ensure safe and efficient lifting operations for all types of bridge construction projects.

Connecting the Future
Connecting the Future
Connecting the Future

The Bridges We Build

  • Box Culvert arrow

    At LPC, we specialize in box culvert construction, providing durable and reliable solutions for various infrastructure projects. Our experienced team ensures precise engineering and expert craftsmanship to deliver box culverts that meet stringent quality standards and endure.

  • Bridge Replacement arrow

    We specialize in bridge replacement projects, utilizing our decades of experience and engineering expertise to ensure a seamless transition from old to new. Our dedicated team carefully plans and executes every step of the process, from the initial assessment to the final construction, to deliver safe and durable bridge replacements that exceed standards of quality and functionality.

  • Bridge Widening arrow

    Our experienced team of engineers and construction professionals ensure that the bridge widening process is executed seamlessly, taking into account factors such as traffic management, structural integrity, and environmental considerations. With a commitment to safety and quality, we deliver successful bridge widening projects that enhance transportation infrastructure and improve connectivity.

  • Pedestrian Bridges arrow

    LPC specializes in designing and constructing pedestrian bridges that prioritize safety, functionality, and aesthetics. With our extensive experience and engineering expertise, we create structures that beautifully blend in with their surroundings, providing convenient and accessible pathways for pedestrians while enhancing the overall urban landscape.

  • Railway Overpass arrow

    At LPC, we have the specialized knowledge to design and construct railway overpasses that ensure safe and efficient transportation. Our team is well-versed in the unique requirements and regulations involved in railway projects, and we utilize advanced engineering techniques to deliver structurally sound and durable overpasses that meet the needs of both railway operators and the surrounding communities.

  • Roadway Flyover arrow

    At LPC, we exceed in the construction of roadway flyovers, creating elevated highways and interchanges that efficiently navigate through complex traffic patterns. Our advanced engineering techniques provide seamless integration with existing road networks, providing enhanced mobility and reducing congestion.

Structural Concrete Solutions for Airports

The experts of LPC’s bridge division specialize in providing comprehensive concrete services tailored to the specific needs of airports, ensuring efficient and safe operations while prioritizing quality and precision. We actively partner with the Louisville Muhammed Ali Airport and the UPS Airport on facility improvement and restoration projects.

  • Concrete Slab Removal and Replacement arrow

    Our team includes badged employees for all types of emergency repair work on runways, taxiways, and ramps, getting facilities up and running with minimal interruption to airport operations.

  • Blast Fence Construction arrow

    LPC bridge teams provide expert construction of robust blast fences for enhanced airport safety and security.

  • Concrete Paving arrow

    We provide seamless paving solutions for parking lots and shuttle paths, engineered for durability and efficiency.

  • Concrete Sealing arrow

    Our premium sealing services fortify concrete structures against environmental wear and tear, ensuring prolonged longevity.

  • Cast-in-Place Trench Drains and Drainage Structures arrow

    Customized installation of reliable drainage systems is an essential component of a well-maintained airport environment, and LPC teams can deliver.

  • Concrete Sawing and Joint Sealing arrow

    We utilize precision sawing and sealing techniques to preserve and reinforce the integrity of concrete surfaces, which is vital for ensuring safe and smooth airport operations.

Enhancing Structural Integrity with Precise Bridge Deck Overlays and Joint Replacements

Our specialized bridge deck overlay and joint replacement services are designed to bolster the structural integrity of bridges, ensuring longevity and resilience in the face of demanding environmental conditions. We actively partner with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), Louisville Metro, and counties throughout Kentucky on projects utilizing these services.

  • Bridge Deck Milling arrow

    We provide expert milling services to prepare bridge decks for seamless overlay installation, ensuring a smooth and durable surface.

  • Deck Section Demolition arrow

    Our teams specialize in efficiently removing compromised deck sections to pave the way for the installation of reinforced replacements.

  • Formwork and Precise Deck Pouring arrow

    We utilize meticulous formwork and seamless pouring techniques to construct robust new deck sections, guaranteeing optimal bridge performance.

  • Joint Replacement and Armored Edges arrow

    Precise removal and replacement of joints and armored edges are essential for maintaining structural stability and safety, and LPC can deliver.

  • New Epoxy Overlays arrow

    We skillfully pour epoxy overlays to fortify bridge decks against wear and tear, ensuring enhanced durability and resistance to environmental elements.

  • Joint Seal Replacement arrow

    Our teams are adept at replacing joint seals to reinforce the integrity of bridge structures, preventing water ingress and preserving the bridge’s longevity.

  • Slurry Sealing of Gutter Lines arrow

    We provide slurry sealing of gutter lines to ensure efficient water drainage and prevent potential structural damage.

Our Bridge Construction Projects

Port of Indiana Railroad Bridge

In the project for the Port of Indiana Railroad Bridge, Louisville Paving Company took on the task of constructing a new railroad bridge to facilitate the expansion of tracks.
See Project

Jefferson County – Park Boundary Bridge Retrofit

Louisville Paving Company took on a meaningful project with the Jefferson County - Park Boundary Bridge Retrofit, in collaboration with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC).
See Project

Weisenberger Mill Bridge Replacement

In the Weisenberger Mill Bridge Replacement project, in partnership with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), Louisville Paving Company undertook the challenging task of replacing a steel truss bridge.
See Project

Jefferson County – Broadway Bridge Replacement

The Jefferson County - Broadway Bridge Replacement project undertaken by Louisville Paving Company, in collaboration with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), was a complex and critical infrastructure initiative.
See Project

Kenton County Bridge Over CSX Railroad

Louisville Paving Company took on a challenging project, the Kenton County Bridge over the CSX railroad, with a meticulous approach.
See Project

Various Bridges KYTC Bundle Job

In a comprehensive project for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), Louisville Paving Company took on the challenge of demolishing and replacing 13 bridges of various spans.
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I-65 Bridge Repair

I-65 Emergency Bridge Repairs

Louisville Paving Company successfully completed an emergency bridge repair project on I-65.
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