Jefferson County – Broadway Bridge Replacement


The Jefferson County – Broadway Bridge Replacement project undertaken by Louisville Paving Company, in collaboration with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), was a complex and critical infrastructure initiative. The team successfully removed and replaced a bridge over the live MSD (Metropolitan Sewer District) viaduct.

The project involved several significant tasks. Initially, the existing bridge was demolished to make way for the new structure. Additionally, they had to relocate a 20-inch water main, a task that demanded precision and care. The construction of the new bridge was an impressive feat, featuring a 96-foot wide precast conspan structure spanning 45 feet over the MSD viaduct. Notably, the project had to address the unique challenges of working over a live MSD viaduct and managing various water-related issues.

Remarkably, despite these complexities, the entire project was completed within a tight six-month timeframe. Louisville Paving Company’s work on this project significantly contributed to the improved infrastructure in Jefferson County, ensuring safer and more efficient transportation.