Weisenberger Mill Bridge Replacement


In the Weisenberger Mill Bridge Replacement project, in partnership with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), Louisville Paving Company undertook the challenging task of replacing a steel truss bridge. The project involved several intricate steps to ensure its successful completion.

First, the team removed the existing, closed steel truss bridge and proceeded to construct new abutments. What set this project apart was the offsite pre-fabrication of the new bridge, which required meticulous planning and engineering. Once prepared, the new bridge was transported to the site and expertly set in place.

To complete the project, the team poured a concrete deck and installed new asphalt approaches, resulting in a sturdy and modern structure. Notably, the location of the bridge replacement presented unique challenges, with a historic flour mill still in operation nearby and high voltage power lines on the other side. Despite these complexities, the project was successfully executed within a four-month timeframe, enhancing local infrastructure and transportation capabilities.