Jefferson County – Park Boundary Bridge Retrofit


Louisville Paving Company took on a meaningful project with the Jefferson County – Park Boundary Bridge Retrofit, in collaboration with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). This project involved the meticulous restoration of a historic bridge located within Cherokee Park.

The renovation was a multi-faceted endeavor that showcased the team’s expertise. They started by excavating to the top of the concrete arch, a task that required careful preservation of the bridge’s structural integrity. Notably, the historic stone façade was replaced, restoring the bridge’s original charm. Underneath the bridge, a new liner was expertly poured, enhancing its durability and longevity. To protect against the elements, the team also waterproofed the top of the concrete arch.

Once these essential tasks were complete, backfilling and paving were carried out to restore the bridge to its functional and aesthetically pleasing state. Importantly, this project took place in an area with considerable daily foot and bike traffic, highlighting the team’s ability to complete the work without major disruptions to the public. The project was successfully executed within a six-month timeframe, preserving a piece of local history and enhancing the park’s infrastructure.