Port of Indiana Railroad Bridge


In the project for the Port of Indiana Railroad Bridge, Louisville Paving Company took on the task of constructing a new railroad bridge to facilitate the expansion of tracks. The project was a significant infrastructure addition that required precision and expertise.

To support the new bridge, the team installed approximately 1,700 linear feet of piles, which formed a solid foundation for the structure. In addition, they poured 500 cubic yards of concrete, used 80,000 pounds of rebar for reinforcement, and set 330 linear feet of concrete beams. This complex construction occurred in close proximity to live railroad tracks and within a restricted area, underscoring the team’s ability to work in challenging environments.

Despite these challenges, the project was successfully executed within a six-month timeframe. Louisville Paving Company’s work on the Port of Indiana Railroad Bridge played a vital role in expanding the infrastructure to support the Port’s growth and transportation needs.