Shelby County KY53 Bridge over Norfolk Southern Railroad Tracks


In Shelby County, our team at Louisville Paving and Construction took on the formidable task of replacing the KY53 Bridge over Norfolk Southern Railroad Tracks. Commissioned by KYTC, our mission involved seamlessly integrating a larger bridge to accommodate the road widening needs.

Amidst the challenges of maneuvering around live NS railroad tracks and managing uninterrupted traffic flow, our team completed the project in 1.5 years. The new concrete pier and girder bridge, spanning 45′, 95′, and 45′, is a testament to our precision and expertise. With 1,300 cubic yards of concrete skillfully placed, reinforced by 380,000 pounds of rebar, and bolstered by 2,000 linear feet of piles and 2,038 linear feet of beams, our work exemplifies our commitment to excellence in bridge construction.