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LPC specializes in broad and cohesive civil site construction services, providing exceptional offerings in grading, excavation, utilities installation, and site development. With a dedicated team of experienced and committed professionals with a shared drive to deliver high-quality results, LPC takes on diverse civil construction projects and always finishes strong.

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What Sets Our Civil Site Services Apart

LPC’s civil site construction services stand out through value engineering, partnership experience, speedy project delivery, and comprehensive preconstruction services. Our expertise in optimizing designs, collaborating with stakeholders, and efficient project management sets us apart in delivering cost-effective and high-quality construction solutions.

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    LPC’s civil site construction services are set apart from the rest due to our commitment to value engineering, where we leverage our expertise to optimize project designs and deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

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    With a focus on building transparent and strong relationships with clients, subcontractors, and stakeholders, we ensure effective collaboration throughout the project lifecycle. Our commitment to open communication, mutual trust, and shared goals results in successful partnerships and exceptional project outcomes.

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    LPC is known for our efficient and timely project delivery in civil site construction. With streamlined processes, experienced teams, and effective project management, we prioritize delivering projects on schedule without compromising quality.

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    LPC offers comprehensive preconstruction services to ensure successful project outcomes in civil site construction. Our expert team collaborates with clients from the early stages, providing valuable insights, cost analysis, and feasibility studies to inform decision-making. Through thorough planning and meticulous attention to detail, LPC’s preconstruction services lay a solid foundation for a smooth and successful construction process.

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    Our highly skilled and experienced estimating team plays a pivotal role in every project, providing accurate and detailed cost assessments. By keeping the estimating process in-house, we ensure that our clients receive the most precise and competitive pricing while maintaining complete control over project budgets and timelines.

Where Old School Spirit Meets Modern Innovation
Where Old School Spirit Meets Modern Innovation
Where Old School Spirit Meets Modern Innovation

Highlights of Our Site Construction Offerings

  • Earthwork arrow

    Louisville Paving and Construction digs beneath the surface to provide comprehensive site development services. As a one-stop solution, we lead every aspect of the project, making the process effortless for clients and delivering quality from start to finish.

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  • Site Preparation arrow

    With years of dedicated experience in the construction industry, Louisville Paving and Construction is equipped with the expertise to create robust and structurally sound sites for clients. By utilizing advanced technology like GPS-equipped machine-controlled dozers and motor graders, we ensure precise accuracy and deliver high-quality results, while also leveraging modern material advances to optimize project efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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  • Storm & Sanitary Sewer arrow

    Louisville Paving and Construction specializes in storm and sanitary sewer construction, providing comprehensive services for the installation, repair, and maintenance of sewer systems.

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  • Surveying & Estimating arrow

    LPC’s Surveying & Estimating services play a crucial role in ensuring accurate project planning and cost estimation. Our team of experienced surveyors and estimators utilizes advanced technology and industry best practices to provide precise measurements, detailed project assessments, and reliable cost projections.

  • Curb & Gutter arrow

    LPC specializes in curb and gutter services, providing expert installation and maintenance for effective water drainage and aesthetic appeal. Our skilled team ensures precise alignment, proper grading, and durable construction of curbs and gutters, enhancing the functionality and visual appeal of roads, parking lots, and other paved surfaces.

  • Final Surface Paving arrow

    LPC’s paving teams deliver smooth, durable, and visually appealing asphalt or concrete surfaces. With our expertise in paving techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure precise leveling, proper compaction, and optimal surface finish. Whether it’s roads, parking lots, or other paved areas, LPC provides a high-quality and long-lasting solution that meets the specific requirements of each project.

Civil Site Construction Projects

Costco Wholesale

The overall site included a 160k SF building, 706 parking space parking lot, gas station, and vacant outlot
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Denny Crum Dormitory

$450,000 site package for the 128-bed facility houses a mixture of student-athletes and non-student-athletes, including those admitted to one of our new living-learning and themed communities.
See Project

Frazier Rehabilitation Hospital – Brownsboro

$1.5m site package for the state-of-the-art, 40-bed inpatient acute rehabilitation hospital dedicated to the treatment and recovery of individuals who have experienced the debilitating effects of a severe injury or illness.
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Top Golf project

Top Golf

Louisville Paving and Construction provided site construction for the new Top Golf facility, the first one in Kentucky, which consisted of every underground utility (aside from electric) that makes the facility operate and drain on a day to day basis.
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Lynn Family Soccer Stadium project

Lynn Family Soccer Stadium

Louisville Paving and Construction performed the mass earthwork, underground utilities, curbs and paving for the Lynn Family Stadium which houses Louisville City FC.
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Veterans Affairs project


Louisville Paving performed site construction for the nearly $30mm VA Hospital project for Walsh Turner JV.
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