Jefferson County – Indiana Bridge Replacement


Bridge teams at Louisville Paving and Construction spearheaded a vital project commissioned by Jefferson County, IN. This endeavor entailed the intricate task of replacing the aging bridge, a pivotal link within the community’s infrastructure.

Our scope of work encompassed comprehensive abutment rehabilitation, coupled with the meticulous replacement of the superstructure. Notably, this intricate process involved the installation of 600 linear feet of beams, 250 linear feet of new guardrail, and 100 cubic yards of concrete, all fortified by a resilient waterproof membrane and a brand-new asphalt deck and approaches.

Navigating the unique challenges posed by the bridge’s elongated single-span structure and limited accessibility, our dedicated team efficiently completed this project within a tight timeline of just 2 months. Our commitment to delivering superior results despite the odds stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence in every endeavor we undertake.