Kenton County Bridge Over CSX Railroad


Louisville Paving Company took on a challenging project, the Kenton County Bridge over the CSX railroad, with a meticulous approach. To ensure minimal disruption to train traffic, they constructed a debris shield just 6 inches taller than the tallest train cars. The bridge demolition was carefully executed in phases, allowing the tracks to remain open during the construction process.

The team’s expertise was showcased in the construction phase, as they built up the existing abutments to support new concrete beams. These beams, along with a new concrete deck and concrete barrier wall, enhanced the structural integrity and safety of the bridge. Notably, the project included the removal of the existing bridge, comprised of both steel and concrete, over live CSX tracks. In its place, Louisville Paving Company successfully replaced it with a new, more durable concrete bridge, contributing to safer and more efficient transportation infrastructure.