New Interchange


Louisville Paving and Construction undertook a pivotal role as the prime contractor in the construction of the New Interchange between KY 393 & KY 53—a project commissioned by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Over the span of two years, our involvement encompassed an array of services, including grading and drainage operations, as well as essential bridge repairs. The project posed unique challenges, necessitating deft rock excavation, the import of a substantial 180,000 cubic yards of roadway embankment, and meticulous coordination of utility relocations. Additionally, the intricate task of extending six box culverts underscored our multifaceted capabilities. Recognizing the importance of minimizing traffic disruptions, we orchestrated multiple around-the-clock construction sequences to ensure minimal delay to the flow of traffic.


The culmination of the New Interchange project emerges as a testament to Louisville Paving and Construction’s commitment to seamlessly blending innovative engineering with operational agility. The precision involved in the import of 180,000 cubic yards of roadway embankment stands as a hallmark of our expertise. As a result, the newly constructed interchange spanning 1.73 miles between KY 393 & KY 53 stands as a triumph, encapsulating our commitment to engineering excellence, operational efficiency, and fostering seamless connectivity for the community.