Bluelick Road Widening and Reconstruction


Louisville Paving and Construction took on the role of the prime contractor in the Bluelick Road Widening and Reconstruction project, commissioned by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). Spanning two years, this initiative encompassed a comprehensive collection of services, including grading and drainage operations and the construction of a bridge with box culvert extensions. The project presented unique challenges, calling for the maintenance and construction of entrances and driveways to over 100 residential and commercial establishments. With over 2 miles of underground storm installation routed through a maze of underground and overhead utility easements, the project demanded meticulous precision. Additionally, the paramount objective of maintaining uninterrupted traffic flow throughout the project further heightened the complexity.


The Bluelick Road Widening and Reconstruction project stands as a transformative infrastructure that will continue upholding the fabric of local life for decades to come. As the prime contractor, Louisville Paving executed multifaceted tasks, ranging from grading and drainage to the construction of essential bridge structures. We deftly navigated the complexities of maintaining and constructing entrances and driveways to a substantial number of residences and businesses. The meticulous installation of over 2 miles of underground storm infrastructure, intricately woven through utility easements, attests to our meticulous planning. Amid these endeavors, the project’s most laudable achievement lies in our ability to manage traffic flow with minimal disruption, safeguarding the rhythm of daily life for the community. The result—a widened and reconstructed Bluelick Road covering 1.66 miles—stands as a testament to our commitment to engineering excellence, operational efficiency, and community engagement.