Angel’s Envy


Louisville Paving and Construction assumed a pivotal role as the sitework subcontractor, collaborating closely with GC Sullivan Cozart, in the Angel’s Envy project. With a duration of one year, our contribution played an integral part in bringing to life the vision of the Louisville Distilling Company. Our services covered an extensive scope, including site clearing, grading, storm drainage, sewer and water utilities, and the final touch of asphalt paving. The venture encountered unique challenges, requiring us to navigate the construction of a dam and execute an offsite sanitary sewer extension with precision. This collaboration was directed toward the construction of a new Blending & Barreling Facility and the erection of two distinct storage warehouses.


Our efforts as the site work subcontractor displays our ability to take on a diverse range of tasks, encompassing everything from site clearing and grading to the meticulous installation of utilities, and is a testament to our operational dexterity. Overcoming the unique challenges posed by dam construction and offsite sewer extension underscores our adaptability and innovative problem-solving.