KY4084 Old Henry Road


Louisville Paving and Construction undertook a transformative role as the Prime Contractor in the KY3084 Old Henry Road project, commissioned by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). A meticulous endeavor spanning two years, our engagement encompassed a comprehensive suite of services. Grading and drainage operations were deftly executed, coupled with the construction of bridges, and the establishment of sewer and water utilities. The project posed unique challenges, including the excavation of rock formations, the meticulous export of 125,000 cubic yards of excess soil, the intricate coordination of utility relocation, and the seamless execution of three limited-time complete road closures. Notably, the venture involved the creation of four distinct bridge structures, each a testament to our engineering acumen.


The culmination of the KY3084 Old Henry Road project stands as a testament to Louisville Paving and Construction’s unwavering commitment to excellence. The successful execution of multifaceted tasks, spanning from rock excavation and utility relocation to the construction of intricate bridge structures, underscores our proficiency in tackling diverse challenges. The careful orchestration of 125,000 cubic yards of excess soil export and the management of limited-time complete road closures showcase our meticulous planning and operational agility. The result is the triumphant reconstruction and widening of 1.75 miles of existing roadway.