UPS Hangar


Louisville Paving and Construction played a pivotal role in the UPS Hangar project, serving as sitework subcontractor to GC Hensel Phelps. Over a span of two years, our expertise was harnessed to bring forth a state-of-the-art facility. The scope of our contribution encompassed site clearing, demolition, earthwork, storm drainage, underground storm drainage storage system, shot rock sub base, crushed stone base, asphalt paving, underground oil-water separator tanks, retaining walls, topsoil, seed/sod stabilization, and the integration of a vital gas main. Notably, the project grappled with unique challenges, including the export of 350,000 cubic yards of excess soil, the construction of taxi paving for a fleet of seven UPS 747 planes, the establishment of five 20K/40K/45K oil-water tanks, and the intricate installation of a 96-inch diameter underground storm drainage system.


The culmination of the UPS Hangar project unveils a testament to Louisville Paving and Construction’s dedication to excellence. The successful execution of diverse tasks, ranging from earthwork and storm drainage to the integration of underground oil-water separator tanks, stands as a tangible manifestation of our commitment to precision and innovation. Overcoming challenges such as the massive soil export and the intricate construction of taxi paving and oil-water tanks has showcased our technical prowess. The resulting new hangar building, meticulously designed to accommodate two 747 planes, stands as a remarkable achievement—a structure that embodies the harmonious fusion of engineering acumen and operational efficiency.