LG&E Trimble Coal Plant


Louisville Paving and Construction played a pivotal role as the site work subcontractor, in collaboration with GC Wood, in the successful completion of the 0.75-mile haul road project within the LG&E Trimble Coal Plant. Our services encompassed a comprehensive scope, encompassing site clearing, grading, storm drainage, water utilities, the construction of a crucial bridge, and the finishing touch of asphalt paving. The project posed its own set of unique challenges, including intricate rock excavation, the management of an extensive 500,000 cubic yards of earthwork, and the incorporation of EPA-mandated storm management systems. Notably, the venture also involved the construction of a newly minted bridge, navigated seamlessly over live traffic flow.


Our role as the site work subcontractor, working in tandem with GC Wood, has yielded transformative results within the LG&E Trimble Coal Plant. Overcoming the complexities of rock excavation, managing vast earthwork quantities, and integrating EPA-directed storm management systems showcase LPC’s technical prowess.