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Bound together by asphalt cement, Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) is a combination of virgin and recycled materials: roughly 95% stone, sand, or gravel, held in place with crude oil’s key byproduct.

In-House HMA Production for Efficient and Reliable Asphalt Paving

Here at Louisville Paving and Construction, we are proud to produce our own HMA at three modern asphalt plants in Kentuckiana. Our trucks then deliver the HMA to your construction site, where we immediately spread and compact it onto the road’s surface. Generally, once the new pavement has cooled, traffic is permitted. This convenience is just one of the many reasons asphalt has become the premier paving product in the United States.

Warm-Mix Asphalt

We are committed to using cutting-edge technology, like we do with our Warm-Mix Asphalt (WMA) — the result of leading energy-saving innovations. This means we have the ability to lower the temperatures at which we mix and place any of the material onto the road.

It’s important to us that using Warm-Mix Asphalt brings a slew of environmentally-friendly advantages, including reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Another valuable environmental benefit: we’re able to recycle a higher percentage of reclaimed material.

WMA also facilitates better compaction of pavements. As a result, its use gives us the ability to work at lower outside temperatures, extending the paving season. This helps us better serve you, no matter when you need our asphalt paving services.

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