Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Construction and Paving Practices

Green leadership practices start with LPC. We hope to attract like-minded partners to build our world with endurance for the future in mind.

A Sustainable Future for Infrastructure

As a leading civil construction company, it’s our responsibility to prioritize and improve the eco-friendliness of our operations. We recognize the critical role we play in minimizing our ecological impact.

By embracing sustainable practices, we can reduce resource consumption, minimize waste generation, and contribute to the preservation of our planet for future generations. This principle helps guide our decision-making and propels us to continuously seek innovative solutions that balance progress with environmental preservation.

Greener Practices for a Greener World

Operating more sustainably in the heavy civil construction industry offers significant benefits, including cost and energy savings, as well as our own continued longevity. We hope to lead the way in sustainable construction practices and thereby establish ourselves as a sustainability industry leader.

  • Cost Effectiveness: Sustainable practices like optimizing resource usage, reducing waste, and adopting energy-efficient technologies results in substantial financial advantages.

  • Fuel Savings: Asphalt’s smoother surface allows for less rolling resistance than its concrete counterpart, allowing for greater fuel efficiency, which in turn does its part for the environment.

  • Reduced Wear and Tear: With our asphalt material, the surface of the roads are smoother. This maximizes the tire potential of each car and prevents unneeded wear and tear on vehicles.

  • Low Maintenance Costs: Asphalt maintenance costs are considerably lower than concrete.

  • Conserve Natural Resources: By recycling asphalt, we not only conserve natural resources and speed construction time, but also save American taxpayers upwards of $300 million a year.

A Vision for the Future

We envision a future for the heavy civil construction industry that is sustainable, innovative, and environmentally friendly. By embracing visionary technologies and ideas, we will continue to integrate cutting-edge solutions that are eco-conscious to promote a greener construction landscape.

Percentage of all asphalt materials that are recyclable

Tons of asphalt recycled each year in the US

Tons of RAP recycled by LPC annually