About us

We operate as one team with one vision. We set ambitious goals and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission

We unite people to build sustainable infrastructure that enhances quality of life.

Our Enduring Legacy: Improving Kentuckiana for Almost a Century

LPC’s vision has stood the test of time, surpassing the 75-year mark in 2024. Installed into each project is our rich history and extensive experience in the industry,  our generational understanding of construction practices and challenges, and an unwavering commitment to quality and professionalism. We are more than a civil contracting company, we are a family legacy of calloused hands and sharp minds that continues to create lasting infrastructure that unites our communities.

Our Values


How We Connect

One Team, One Vision

We are united by our common goal of success across every brand in our company. We work collaboratively across our business units to enhance our collective offering and build a culture of trust and support.

How We Think

Safety is No Accident

We work in a deliberate manner to protect the lives of our most valuable stakeholders — our team members. Our success is ultimately measured by their safe return home after every shift.

How We Work

Honesty In Everything

From our business dealings to our personal interactions, we uphold the truth and conduct ourselves accordingly to build trust among our team members and stakeholders.

How We Act

Collaboration is Key

We unlock our full potential by working together. When confronting challenges, we seek out diverse talents, skill sets, and perspectives to find the best possible solution.

How We Grow

Change Leads to Success

We look for opportunities to improve ourselves and our processes, and embrace the challenges that inevitably come with growth.

Our Award-Winning Safety Culture

Team member safety is the main focus at LPC. We implement extensive training through comprehensive safety classes and have been recognized by the Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors on multiple occasions for our dedication to protecting and supporting our team members. We are proud to serve safely.

Facilitating Growth On and Off the Roads

LPC is more than a civil contracting business. It is also an organization of individuals who care about the region they call home. Through outreach and donations, we supply support where it is needed most and create a positive impact on our community.

What Our Team Members Say About Us

" 'A Brighter Future Together' to me means building a team that puts out a very high quality of work that will never sacrifice what's best for a quick turnaround. This mindset allows us to be a top bidder for any future work, keeping everyone with plenty of opportunity to provide and build for their families."

Hayden Austin

"My work is focused on keeping our team informed about available resources and opportunities, while providing guidance as needed throughout their employment here. This contributes to creating a “Brighter Future Together” for all at LPC through wraparound service and assistance for collective growth as an organization."

Amy Wiehebrink
HR Recruiting and Rewards Specialist

A Brighter Future Together

LPC and its affiliated brands — including Pace Contracting, Bluegrass Testing, and Material Transfer — provide an extensive range of specialized services and products that cover virtually every aspect of heavy civil construction.

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