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For over 70 years, we’ve perfected our pursuit: serving each customer incomparable quality


It’s not about having a magic formula, or only one steady plan of action. Throughout the last seven decades in the business, we stand by it: having strong quality assurance and quality control teams in place is pivotal to producing top-notch quality. Louisville Paving and Construction’s QA/QC teams see to it that you don’t just receive asphalt that’s aesthetically stunning — you also have a product that’s safe, durable, and the best in its class. 

Customers have placed their trust in us for generations with good reason. Our modern laboratories are DOT certified, allowing us to go above and beyond the industry’s toughest standards. From adopting QA procedures in each stage of asphalt development to choosing a team of certified lab technicians to monitor those products for Quality Control, we bring you peace of mind. 

When you turn to Louisville Paving and Construction, you’re choosing a family business with a sterling reputation. We bring you our comprehensive experience, transformative lab resources, and unshakable integrity with every product and service you request. Our mixes are tailor-made to your project’s needs.