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Pump Stations

Delivering outstanding quality at an incredible value


Pace Contracting, a proud part of Louisville Paving and Construction’s family of brands, has fostered a leading reputation for pump station construction. From the simplest prefabricated facilities to architecturally complex buildings designed to enhance their surroundings, Kentuckiana places its confidence in us. 

Because we manage all phases and types of heavy concrete construction along with large, deep vertical shafts, we can assure you: Louisville Paving and Construction will save you valuable time and money. Whether you need stand-alone stations, pump stations, or wastewater treatment plants and pump stations, we can construct it for you — and we can build force mains and/or collection systems. 

Our varied understanding means we are familiar with large pump station environments. Louisville Paving and Construction is set to handle your most sophisticated systems. We’ll be able to spot which electrical services are redundant, and which ones are critical to your pump station.