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Every team member goes home safe each night


Exceptional Leadership

We empower leaders with qualified knowledge and understanding— so they leverage each tool to maintain all safety systems and processes.

Methodical Planning

We plan diligently, identifying potential hazards for every major operation. Our teams then follow-up with detailed evaluations. We not only minimize safety risks, but analyze possibilities to improve quality and operations.

High Accountability

We measure performance, ensuring our managers set exemplary standards: from leadership to the application of crucial safety measures.

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Because safety is our way of life, we strive to protect and support all team members

Through extensive training, team building, and continuous improvement, our goal is clear: ensuring that every Louisville Paving and Construction team member goes home safe each night.

Our award-winning safety culture has been recognized multiple times by the Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors. Now that we’ve expanded facilities at our Louisville headquarters, we can train year-round. We require our lead personnel to be current in all areas of safety training. Additionally, we personally train every single team member through comprehensive safety classes.

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We train all team members through key safety classes, creating a safe workplace to thrive

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OSHA Training

We train our team to recognize, avoid, diminish, and prevent possible hazards.

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Confined Spaces Practices

Our team members practice and prepare, assessing how to safely respond to a confined space's environment.

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Fall Protection

Our team members learn to safely construct projects at an elevation. We implement systems to protect everyone, ensuring each member is equipped with the appropriate PPE.

First Aid & CPR Training

Our team members train to respond in medical emergencies with crucial first aid and CPR skills.

Instruction in Bloodborne Pathogens

We prepare our team to protect themselves from infections resulting from bloodborne pathogens.

Flagger and Traffic Control

We make sure that every team member can identify and perform flagger and traffic control procedures when working on Kentuckiana’s key roadways.


Louisville Paving and Construction is an equal opportunity employer. We offer competitive wages, benefits, and training opportunities. Learn, succeed, and love what you do on our family's team!