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We create the roads and parking lots Kentuckians use daily


Louisville Paving and Construction has built a reputation you can trust, constructing Kentuckiana’s roads, commercial and office parking lots, subdivisions, schools, and churches. We create everything you need to get where you need to go. As a recognized leader in construction, we have the confidence and equipment to treat every step of the process with care.

Our team is ready to take on your project, from site preparation and excavation, installation of storm drainage, base and curbing, down to the final application of your smooth asphalt surface. We promise to create a product that feels like an attractive addition to your business or residential development. Our commitment to providing quality, safety, and value never wavers, extending to all customers, employees, visitors, and residents.

Louisville Paving and Construction is the oldest construction company leading the market. Our family has shaped the industry for generations, which elevates the experience we deliver to customers and partners alike. We know what competitive pricing looks like and ensure that the value we bring is as strong as the quality of our construction. Moreover, because we work with a family of brands, we can assure on-time delivery.

Everything we do is for our satisfied customers. Over the years, we’ve worked with all kinds of clients across Kentuckiana, including:

  • Building contractors 
  • Subdivision developers 
  • Industrial plant operators
  • Individual business owners
  • Property managers
  • Churches
  • Schools 
  • Parks
  • Municipalities 
  • Airports

We would be thrilled to help make your project a proud reality! For more information about Louisville Paving and Construction’s private, commercial, and residential work, contact Brian Bierman.